Friday, November 05, 2004

Guy Fawkes Night

Friday 5th November 2004 - The Talbot, Englefield Road

Mr. Earley said “If you get fed too much honey, it's too sweet”

Mr. Clifford said “The kind of music I would listen to whilst doing the hoovering ”

Mr. Ackland said “Film music from films I wouldn't enjoy” AND “I really fancied her”

Mr. Gathercole said “It's David Holmes mate”

Mr. Adam said “He wants a girl to come to the group ” AND “Women think romance is only about longing”

Mr. Butler said “Utterly charming”

Tracy Chevalier - Girl with a Pearl Earring BA 8/10, BC 8/10, DB 8/10, DA 4/10, PG 8/10, RE 8/10 - AVERAGE 7.3
Various - Cherrystones
BA 2/10, BC 3/10, DB 3/10, DA not heard, PG 2/10, RE 4/10 - AVERAGE 2.8

We discussed Cherrystones and Girl with a Pearl Earring and Paul chose A Year with Swollen Appendices and Ben A chose the new Felix da Housecat album. Then, in a flagrant breach of book club rules they changed their minds to... Intimacy by Hanif Kureshi and 76:14 by Global Communication.


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