Friday, February 11, 2005

WInter in the West End

Friday 11th February 2005 - The Eagle, Rathbone Place
Beforehand Mr. Earley said “I'll say it now, that I HAVEN'T been to this place, and I'll admit that nowehere in the description is the word beer or pub mentioned.”
During Mr. Adam said “My apologies for my sudden absence at the last one, excuses: End of financial year (...) and Olympic bid, IOC visit etc. ”
Afterwards Mr. Ackland said “May I politely suggest, having bought my copy of Pale Fire today, and reaquainting myself with it after 12 years, that we do not leave it till the last minute to read...”

We discussed Intimacy and 76:14. We started the cards again and Ackers chose Bob Dylan's lyrics and Mr Butler chose Up The Bracket by The Libertines. Dylan subsequently changed to Vladimir Nabokov's Pale Fire.


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