Friday, December 02, 2005

Three venues

We met in the Big Chill bar, actually outside despite it being December. No Mr Ackland due to Ofsted preparations. On to Brick Lane for an Indian, where we dealt with the book and CD - Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica and Timothy Mo's The Redundancy of Courage. We then wandered through the rain, past the infamous Sports Club, to a not-so-late-night Shoreditch drinking haunt.

Some quotes on Trout Mask Replica.....

DB: "it's like some nutter has given a guitar to a monkey's tea party"

DA: "it really challenged what a riff is"

BC: "every now and then you'd hear a melody and you'd hang on to it for dear life"

RE: "on the best of captain beefheart there is not one track from this album"


Beefheart: DB chard, DA bicycle fish, BC flannel, RE cauliflower, PG beefburger

Mo: DB, DA, BC 7, RE 8, PG 6.5, BA.

For next book club... Johnny Cash American Vol3 Solitary Man and J. G. Ballard The Crystal World. Venue down to Mr Clifford.

Meery Xmas...


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