Tuesday, October 06, 2009

the eclectic bites

Reading: been sticking to short sharp and punchy of late - essays mostly. Enjoying J.G. Ballard's A User's guide to the Millennium . Also enjoyed Herman Hesse short stories - Strange News from another star.

Listening - Joni Mitchell and I seem to be bound together at the moment having eventually learnt to master "Joni tunings" on the guitar which has been really mind blowing. Encouraged me to buy a harmonica and everything. Can't beat Free man in Paris. The Hits album - actually a strong compilation album.

also been listening to a lot of John Williams - particularly incidental music from Star Wars and Indiana (Felix loves it and we went to see the Hertfordshire Philharmonic perform it all the other night)

Podcasts - really enjoy Philosophy bites (it's on Itunes) a nice 10 minute condensed way to be introduced to and enjoy various thinkers. Particularly enjoyed Kierkegaard - reminds me of some of my favourite book club recs including Pale Fire and If on a Winter's Night a Traveller. Both of which led me to Borges and Labyrinth (really would recommend this!) - again more short stories and the theme seems to be all that is eclectic and all that I can absorb in 20 minute bursts.

I need to the rigour of book club to make me read a novel again and to stop listening to only Joni and Johnny.

what's else is happening out there?

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