Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Full house

Despite an image that only shows four of us, and some 3 months later than we expected it might be, we were full house on Friday night. The first time since last October. Met in King's Cross at some pub whose name escapes me, adjourned to the Paolina thai cafe and back to the pub.

I don't have the time I used to have so, in short, under discussion:

Book - Gabrielle Garcia Marquez, My Melancholy Whores (BC)

DA hadn't read it!
And I can't remember what anyone said about it.
Oh yeah, I said it would have been better as a short poem.

CD - Elbow, Leaders of the Free World (DA)

BC thought it was sub-Coldplay.
PG said Elbow one of most underrated bands in the UK.
RE liked it.
DB liked it but couldn't find it to refreash his memory.
BA loved it , as did DA.

A new innovation is to pick the next nominators by playing stone/paper/scissors.

Next up...

venue - Ackers - Camden
music - Ackers - Guillemots' Through the Window Pane
book - Dave A - Graham Greene's Heart of the Matter


At 11:11 am, Anonymous rich said...

thanks for this Mr. Chairman!
It struck me afterwards that we didn't score either CD or book.

Now, scoring could be seen as infantile, inappropriate and (dare i say it) puerile behaviour (in fact, what you'd expect of a group of boys...).

however, for the record mine were Elbow - 7
Whores - 6

and paper scissors is entirely unfair. It replaces chance with skill and annoys people who win 3 times and then get beaten by the last person...



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