Monday, October 20, 2003

Camden Town

Friday 17th October 2003 - Bruges Place (Acker's flat)

Mr. Earley said “hey hey.... don't you just want that cd from the cover alone??!!?”
Mr. Clifford said “RA RA RACHERS ”
Mr. Ackland said “I am officially up for seeing some johnny thump the joanna at our nation's great and glorious RFH”

Jeremy Paxman - The English
BA 4/10, BC 7/10, DB 5/10, DA 5/10, PG 6/10, RE 5/10 - AVERAGE 5.3
Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto no.3
BA 7/10, BC 8/10, DB 6/10, DA 4/10, PG 7/10, RE 4/10 - AVERAGE 6

Mr Adam chose American Pastoral
Mr Earley chose Jimmy Smith's Peter and the Wolf