Thursday, March 17, 2011

quorate if not complete...

Well, another great night with some great chat and 40th musings...
Dave - you were missed.
Here are the notes (post it sized notes leaving a list its true, but with at least some comments at the time).

Jules Verne - 20,000 Leagues Uner the Sea
Alan Moore - Lost Girls
Miyazaki - (art from his animations)

Ben C
Norwegian Wood

Ben A
Sherlock Holmes
Jonathan Franzen (but not as god as the corrections)

David B
Pillars of the Earth
People's History of England

hasn't read anything between covers.

Joni Mitchell - Blue
Caribou - Swim
Tallis - Spem in Alium
David Sylvian - Gone to Earth (especially instrumental 2nd half)
Eno - Music for Films
LaBradford - Eluxoso
Bo Didfdly - 'concert on a beach from early 60's
Holy Ghost (album)
Propoganda, Duran Duran,
Human League - Dare
James Blake

Ben C
Big Things ("but Wild Boys is a better song to say the same thing" - Paul)
Related by Gains - "lush, 10cc" category - "Sex"
Kanye West - my dark fantasy [hopefull the album name] category - "surprise" (brought to attention from the worth-reading pitchfork review)
Eno - Small raft onb milk sea
Beach house - Teen Dream category - "easy"
Groove Armada Black.... category - "guilty pleasure"

Ben A
PJ Harvey (latest album) war songs esp On Battleship Hill
Scritti Pollitti (best of)
Leisure Society - Leisure
Bach - B Minor Mass ("is his double album of best ofs)[a bit like George Harrison??]; Sonatas and Partitas

Songs:Ohia ("slightly annoying name")
"a lot of podcasts"
Winters Bone soundtrack
Treme (soundtrack)
Shaoes and shadows - Ben Ottaway (Gomez)

Led Zeppelin
Glass - Heroes, 2,3,4th symphonies
Midlake [now i have to get the 'other one']
Money Mark
Explosions in the Sky
Múm - "Finally We Are No One" - my recommendation for y'all. Delicate, melodic electronica

and that's it! Till the next one where tales of the Pilgrimage will be a topic I hope!