Wednesday, December 01, 2010

confirmation of last nights recs

Hi all,

great to see everyone last night. My apologies for my inability to remember details of my recs:

Wagner's Das Rheingold was the piece of music which Herzog so beautifully and frighteningly uses at the beginning of Nosferatu.

Charles Mackay's Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of Crowds is a series of essays on all matters including economics. but my favourite recently was on London Words

My other music recommendation was Eels Daisies of the Galaxy - I couldn't remember his name, becuase he doesn't appear to have one.

finally - we talked a lot about data visualisations - perhaps too much. but thought you might be interested in one of my favourite Ted Talks from Hans Rosling.

and his update is to the original is also very good.

good to see you all - and look forward to seeing all your recommendations here.




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